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Providing a trusted advisory service that can supply an integrated platform for physical & logical security solutions while presenting the same solutions with a software-driven command center experience. 

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Our Services Are in...

Strategy & Risk Analysis

Technology Consulting

Design & Implementation 


Our Services Are in...

Strategy & Risk Analysis

Technology Consulting

Design & Implementation 

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Relevant Secure Innovations was founded as a trusted advisory for providing both large and small solutions suppliers with access to a platform of products partially listed here on our website. The primary goal of the business is to provide those solutions providers with real-time access to problem-solving and U.S. and European innovation. A successful relationship for Relevant is guided by the trust it builds with a small number of solution providers in each market across the Middle East and North Africa.

Bill Markel

CEO & Founder

Featured Products

Body Temperature Camera

Surveillance requirements vary according to different security needs. That is why the high-end components and design of each product developed by BSTsecurity can be customized in a cost-effective way to match your customer demands.

Visual Plan Software

During COVID-19, a change to workplace configuration and structure is likely required to build confidence and trust between business owners, employees, and customers as we plan the return to work.


Hicham Wakim

COO of BST Security

CCTV Manufacturing Company

"Relevant Secure has always been a reliable partner, they understand the security market in all its different segments, professional, proactive, dedicated and diligent in all business aspects. And more importantly, they have the correct channels to introduce and connect with the right companies. With strong interaction between all the key suppliers, the solutions introduced by Relevant secure can guarantee long term business relations and projects are materialized successfully."

David Carta

CEO of Telearis

Mobile Access Control Company

"Bill Markel and the Relevant Secure sales team provide top notch networking in the security channel for the Middle East and Africa. For our company, they understand the true value our handheld security solution brings to end customers and work tirelessly to make potential clients feel comfortable that we will provide great support, even though our team is based in the US. The most important element they bring is their long-term relationship with security integrators and consultants, which in this day and age of fly by night sell-at-the-lowest-cost-sales methods, is greatly appreciated."

John Desmond

VP of Sales at Activu

Video Wall Software Company

"We were fortunate to be introduced to Relevant Secure by another technology firm, and since then we have grown our business in every major country.  Relevant Secure helped identify the right clients and regional partners who could help us win them.  And because of their reputation, those partners were willing to investigate our solution on Relevant’s recommendation alone. Our market expansion would not have happened for Activu were it not for Relevant’s expertise, trusted reputation, and unique level of  persistence."

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