Relevant Secure Innovations was founded as a trusted advisory for providing both large and small solutions suppliers with access to a platform of products partially listed here on our website. The primary goal of the business is to provide those solutions providers with real-time access to problem-solving and U.S. and European innovation. A successful relationship for Relevant is guided by the trust it builds with a small number of solution providers in each market across the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2020 we are expanding that platform of services to cover the Latin and Central American markets as well. There is no cost to the solution provider to engage our team as the fees are provided by the technology we bring forward to solve the matter at hand.  Our areas of interest are broad and backed up by focus and past performance by members of the our Advisory Board. Whether your problem is physical, logical, or cyber in nature, please engage with us. We will only provide solutions where past performance can be guaranteed.

Meet the Team

Bill Markel is a seasoned physical security and technology executive with 20 years of experience who leads our team. Following the sale of Enterprise Air, a Physical Security Technology integration platform company in 2010, he has been 100 percent committed to servicing physical security customers in the foreign markets with an emphasis on the GCC markets and North Africa. Typically, Bill spends 2-3 weeks per quarter in the gulf countries and has become intimately familiar with the government structure, critical infrastructure project flow and bidding process, often supporting leading solution providers in each market. His primary focus for the past 3 years has been the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. Bill’s personal interest is in developing long term strategic relationships in each market.

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Bill Markel

CEO & Founder

Clement Iwuchukwu

Africa Country Manager

Clement has over fifteen active years of experience in software development as well as design and management of physical security, electronic security, IT infrastructure development, project management, budget planning, research and new product development. He graduated college with honors in computer science.

Following school, Clement sharpened his academic skills professionally and more profoundly in the last five years during his time as Head of Research and Development at ITECO Nigeria Limited, a leading technology firm in Nigeria and the co-founders of Interswitch Nigeria Limited. There, he was responsible for designing, building, managing and closing multiple projects involving advanced electronic security using biometrics, security validation, database and software synchronization and security. These projects cut across clients in education, government and private sector space valued at over $3.2 million and with a resale potential of more than $35 million. Prior to that, Clement worked as a senior software developer and team lead for software development with an indigenous Software firm, GNL Systems Limited. At GNL, he was responsible for developing payroll systems and staff biometric validation projects for state governments in Nigeria which helped save billions of Naira by identifying ghost workers, over-payments, graft and un-retired accounts.


While working for Relevant Secure, Clement is also the Managing Director for STOCBASE Limited, the sister company for Relevant and the channel for the group’s indigenous Nigerian projects. Relevant Secure Innovations through this partnership has gone ahead to sign new clients since 2017 including Zenith Bank, Mainone Cable Limited, CyberSpace Limited and a host of other clients in an ever-expanding Nigerian business.

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Balvindar Sabarwal graduated with a degree in Science with IT as a specialization from Mumbai University (India). He is an industry veteran within the IT Infrastructure services domain with 25+ years of experience. Balvindar has previously driven a Solution Engineering team as a leader for Cisco system in India. As an additional initiative, Balvindar was instrumental to drive Physical safety and security for Cisco in India as a technology head. Prior to Cisco, Balvindar had driven multiple international and national projects with marquee customers like Citibank, HDFC Bank, shinshei bank (Japan), Ebookers (U.K), Lucent (Saudi), CNS (Dubai), Sevenseas Technology (Kenya, Rwanda). PTC (Yemen) with his earlier organization, Microland Ltd.

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Balvindar Sabarwal

India Country Manager


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