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RSI technologies include Cyber and Physical Security as well as Information Technology Tools and Controls for communications and data centers.  The partner platform unifies the technologies into a centralized management platform providing real-time visibility into the operations of the systems in use.


Each RSI partner in our portfolio offers fully developed, market ready products and services and has agreements in place from leadership and management and engineering to integrate and interoperate in compliance to recognized international standards.

Access Control Systems

  • Mobile

  • Touchless

  • NFC

  • Biometrics


Video Surveillance

  • CCTV Cameras

  • Video Management

  • Video Walls 

COVID-19 Risk Reduction

  • Thermal CCTV


Command & Control Systems

  • PVMS/Software Integration

  • Dashboards & Reporting


Detection & Intrusion

  • Under Vehicle Detection Systems

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection


Asset Management & Visibility

  • Passive RFID



  • HVAC Purifiers


Emergency Communication Systems

  • Visual Planning Tools

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