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Control Room Solution

Pyrotech Workspace Solutions is a pioneer in delivering turnkey Control Room Solutions and Ergonomic Command Centre Console. Our idea of a command centre is based on sustainable, safe and contemporary workspace for both, the operators and the equipment. Our team has delivered over 50,000 Consoles & 300+ control rooms to critical process industries such as Oil and Gas, Steel, Power Plants, Aviation, Cement, Marine, Smart City & Surveillance. 


Control Room Solutions & Command Center Console


The control room is one of the most important parts of any process industry like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Steel, Power Generation/Distribution, Telecom, Aviation, Smart City & Surveillance, and many more. It is meant to cater to all the monitoring & controlling activities on a 24X7 basis which is necessary for hassle-free operations therefore, The Control Room is also known as the Brain of the plant/facility.

While designing an end-to-end Control Room Solutions, important parameters are kept in mind such as desired functionality, safety, ergonomics, compliance to applicable industry norms, and overall aesthetic appeal. Studies reveal that a pleasant working environment results in better efficiency & enhances the overall decision-making process. The design of the command center console makes operators more attentive by supporting normal as well as critical situations through visual & auditory alarms or signals.

At Pyrotech Workspace we design and deliver ultra-modern Control Room Solutions covering all the key elements like interiors, command & control center console, technical furniture, paraphernalia interiors. We also ensure that all of them adhere to the ergonomic standards of ISO 11064. The ultimate aim of PWS designed solutions is to help the control room operators in delivering better performance with ease, accuracy and enhance the productivity of the process.

Consoles typically return equipped with integrated options like their electrical height adjustability, integrated cable management, secured central processor enclosures, and distinctive access to power & data outlets. Console workstations can be easily found in most 24/7 applications such as the security operations centers (SOC or NOC), process control center and transportation surveillance and the emergency call centers, and also the military command centers. Pyrotech Workspace Solutions is a leading pioneer in delivering such turnkey control room solutions and such ergonomic Command Centre Console.

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