Body Temperature Camera


  • FRP IP67 Case

  • Sony IMX326 CMOS Sensor

  • Visual Resolution 2592X1944

  • 160X120 Thermal Detector

  • High Temperature Measurement ( -10 ℃ ~ 450 ℃)

  • Thermal/Overlay Mode: 1920X1080 (FHD)

  • White LED: For Night Visual Image

  • Manual On/Off or Automatic “ON” on temperature event

  • Power LED: To check the camera power status



  • Operates in Iris only / Face only / and, or, fusion mode. Select and use according to the biometric security environment.

  • Simultaneous Biometric Capture

  • Automatically captures dual iris and face at the same distance.

  • Countermeasures

  • A proven set of anti-spoof measures that continues to set the standard for the industry is included.

  • Non-Contact Authentication

  • Automatically captures faces and iris naturally up to 24 inches or 60 cm.

  • 7inch Multi Touch Display

  • Easy on device setting & user enrollment available with Self-guidance with live images on 7” multi Touch LCD.

  • Eye Safety Certified

  • Tested and meets UL, ANSI, and international eye safety standards.

  • Automatic Tilt Adjustment

  • The Camera automatically finds user and moves to a location where the user’s eyes and face can be photographed.

  • Advanced Security

  • Information is encrypted, Secure Boot platform and Advanced Network security.

  • Large Capture Volume

  • Quickly and easily authenticates just by looking at the screen with wide recognition range of Iris 30~60cm(12~24”) & Face 30~80cm(12~32”).

  • Open Android Platform

  • Open Android Platform provides for third party application development.

Facility Management Software



  • STEPS – A Partnership with America is a program developed by ESI Convergent, LLC that utilizes the SMART® Lite Program developed and registered by Butchko, Inc. STEPS was designed to ensure that the right steps are being taken to assure the health, privacy, and wellbeing of everyone as we all head back to work. We are proud to be working with these companies to support the STEPS Program with our visualization tools that can advance each of the five steps in the STEPS program. When reviewing STEPS, we feel visualization can play a role in the following ways below.


Social Distancing:

  • Design separation and build frictionless and touchless safe spaces to ensure 6’ spacing and elimination of group gatherings. Effective maintenance schedules must be established, communicated and implemented to disinfect, sterilize, and prevent the spread of the virus. Posting signage to communicate policy in key areas is also important. Visualization accelerates helps each of these steps by removing/reducing site visits and the number of contractors on site to implement. Virtual collaboration and consultation will help to perform critical functions in a much safer and efficient manner.​

Entrance Assessments: ​

  • 3D visualization can be an essential tool in providing a solution to physical asset characterization, locating and placing physical barriers, inspecting mechanical systems as well as setting up access controls. 3D visualization will provide access to establishing building entry routes, emergency evacuation plans, utility and CAD/BIM layout designs. The CAD/BIM layout designs can then be uploaded to

  • Visual Plan to overlay and compare. People, Process and Technology will be tested at this stage where the greatest challenge and potential liabilities are.

HVAC Purifier 


  • Safe for Humans and Animals

  • Keeps Duct Systems Free from Mold, Bacteria & Most Viruses

  • Attacks Pollutants in the Air and on Surfaces

  • LED Function Lights Confirm Operation   Wireless Communication Option Available. 


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