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Video Wall Management



  • Activu vis|ability is the software platform that empowers people to see, share, & respond to visual intelligence, collaboratively, and with context.

  • Sources

    • All your critical content in one place: Applications, web pages, live streaming video, network desktop kvm, & documents.

  • Spaces

    • Collect related information to create a common operating picture on virtual video walls, and share anywhere in your organization.

  • People

    • Collaborate fluidly using any content in your organization: Desktop to desktop, video wall or mobile. Integrated chat and whiteboard.

  • Displays

    • Manage content and control its display from anywhere to anywhere—video walls to conference room displays to desktops to mobile devices. Automated Alerting Tools that connect to your information environment and enable automated visualization, ensuring no critical event is missed

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  • Operates in Iris only / Face only / and, or, fusion mode. Select and use according to the biometric security environment.

  • Simultaneous Biometric Capture

  • Automatically captures dual iris and face at the same distance.

  • Countermeasures

  • A proven set of anti-spoof measures that continues to set the standard for the industry is included.

  • Non-Contact Authentication

  • Automatically captures faces and iris naturally up to 24 inches or 60 cm.

  • 7inch Multi Touch Display

Facility Management Software







  • STEPS – A Partnership with America is a program developed by ESI Convergent, LLC that utilizes the SMART® Lite Program developed and registered by Butchko, Inc. STEPS was designed to ensure that the right steps are being taken to assure the health, privacy, and wellbeing of everyone as we all head back to work. We are proud to be working with these companies to support the STEPS Program with our visualization tools that can advance each of the five steps in the STEPS program. When reviewing STEPS, we feel visualization can play a role in the following ways below.


  • Active IR Beams: Signals are invisible, "pulsed" infrared beams that are transmitted on the 1200 Hz frequency. "Pulsed" IR technology is extremely reliable and dependable.

  • Break-beam Technology: Each IR beam is 90mm in diameter and must be covered 98.5% or more for no less that 20 milli-seconds to generate an alarm. IIDS is impervious to environmental and nuisance alarms and seldom false alarms!

  • Construction: IR sensors are constructed of anodized die cast aluminum and all hardware is stainless steel.

  • Hermetically Sealed IR Sensors: IIDS sensors are hermetically sealed and backfilled with a dry nitrogen gas and are guaranteed not to cloud under extreme temperature conditions (-40F to +150F). Sensors are weatherproof and waterproof and resistant to most vibration and shock. 

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